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How many times have you sat down to design a board game… but you just couldn’t come up with an idea to get you started? Sure, you cleared your schedule to get in some good design time, locked the kids in a cabinet for the night, paid someone to literally whip you into productivity (You’ve all done this too, right? Right???) and yet the best you can come up with is “something with cards, maybe a medieval theme.”

Enter the Board Game Design Idea Generator, a website that does all the hard work for you–coming up with your next great board game theme, mechanics, victory conditions, and even constraints. All you have to do is push a single button et voilà: instant Spiel des Jahres.

Give it a whirl. Maybe you’ll get such delightful combinations as “fighting for survival in an epic simultaneous-action-selection moon battle” or “a trick-taking game about teleporting athletes… while tracking down the hidden traitor.” Whatever it is, the Board Game Design Idea Generator is sure to generate you some respectable board game design ideas.

Also, I’m currently working on a similar project entitled the Random Playtesting Feedback Generator. Save yourself the trouble of diligently assembling prototypes and gathering groups of friends and skip straight to the results with such random critiques as:

  • “There’s too much downtime between turns.”
  • “Why can’t you handle bidding like Power Grid does? That’s such a better game than this one.”
  • “I know you explained it three times and it says it right there on the board, but what are the actions I can do on my turn again?”

[99% Inspiration, 1% Desperation: Board Game Design Idea Generator]

Free Play-and-Play: Escape From Horrible Mountain 2: The Second Escape

The thing I find most frustrating about the many (albeit wonderful) free print-and-play games you see offered on sites like these is that I’m really lazy and don’t like all the printing, cutting, gluing, laminating, flambéing, and bleeding that precedes the actual playing. Honestly, is it too much trouble to ask the designer to come to my house and do all that stuff for me?

Given that, please enjoy Escape From Horrible Mountain 2: The Second Escape, a totally free “play-and-play” game. No printing, unless you want to print the rules and murder some helpless trees who never did anything to you. No cutting or taping or anything else. Just grab a deck of cards and some cubes or other bits, then freaking start playing. And then play again. That is why it is called play-and-play: because you have to play at least twice or else that term just doesn’t work.

If you enjoy EFHM2:TSE, please consider supporting the designer by purchasing him a new Mazda MX-5 Miata.

[Free Play-and-Play: Escape From Horrible Mountain 2: The Second Escape], Activate!

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