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Welcome to ferrispiele, home of games and gaming-related ramblings by Nick Ferris.

Are you trying to contact Nick? Maybe you want to buy or publish one of his games. Perhaps you want to compliment him on his brilliant designs. Or it could be that you need to yell at him for something he posted on his blog. In any case, here’s how to reach Nick. (Sorry for making it a little tedious; I need to make sure you are not a cyborg sent from the future to hunt me down.)

  1. Open up your favorite e-mailing thing. Like a computer. Regular paper will not work here.
  2. Put your cursor in the To: field.
  3. Type Nick’s first name. Uppercase or lowercase; doesn’t matter which. Hint: Nick’s first name is Nick.
  4. Now hit the at key. You see where this is going?
  5. Type this domain. It starts with an “f” and ends in a “.com”.
  6. Continue typing your e-mail, and then send it. Make sure to use an interesting or amusing subject line because Nick likes that kind of stuff. If at any point you find yourself writing on paper: stop, find technology, and try again.
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