Another Ferrispiele Title Coming Soon From Escape Velocity Games!

Once upon a time, there was a publisher named Escape Velocity Games. Every day, Steve at Escape Velocity Games would work tirelessly on publishing great games like Conquest of Orion and (possibly Nick’s favorite microgame of all time) Tradecraft.

One day, Steve looked upon the world and said “There should be microgames themed after classic novels that people love!” So he called forth to the Internet and summoned a legion of game designers to compete in a contest of skill and minimalism. One designer after another submitted their works, some slapping rethemes on their existing works, while others endeavored to come up with designs appropriate to their themes. Steve gazed at these creations and said, ”

Jean ValjeanOne brave designer, Sir Nick of Ferristershire, stepped onto the field of competition when it was his turn and announced, “I, too, have read a classic work of literature! Here is my entry!” And he presented a microgame of intrigue, strategy, and tragedy called Les Misérables, based on Victor Hugo’s timeless novel. Steve played Les Misérables and said, “Hey, this is pretty good.” Sir Nick let out a mighty chuckle: “But of course! What else would you expect from me?”

But suddenly, from The East, came Angelo Nikolaou and his design, Iliad. Steve, struck with such awe at the sign of Iliad, proclaimed, “This game is really awesome. It wins!” And Sir Nick totally agreed, because he downloaded the print-and-play off BoardGameGeek and tried it and was totally like “Yeah, this should definitely win.”

And the world rejoiced and celebrated Iliad‘s victory. But Steve, being of infinite wisdom, knew that Les Misérables was also a great game, so he proclaimed that it, too, would be published by Escape Velocity Games. Thus, the world was blessed with more amazing games. In return for his game designing brilliance, women and riches flocked to Sir Nick, and he lived happily ever after.

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