HEIR TO EUROPA Now Available!


Hey. Guys. Guess what.

I’m a published game designer! Woo!

Okay, so today is definitely a big deal here at ferrispiele as it marks the culmination of years of half-assed effort to maybe possibly get a game published or something. Many of you who know me well know that I live by the mantra “Design Great Games, Then Put Them On A Shelf To Rot.” I’ve even said that it would take a publisher angel descending from Game Shelf Heaven, plucking one of my mostly-finished designs from its storage box, saying “We have chosen your game, Nick, to usher in a new era of fun and entertainment for humanity,” and then returning months down the road with a finished product for me to ever see my name in print on a game cover.

Well, that’s pretty much what Daniel Solis did after he saw a video of Les Cartes Misérables being playtested about four months ago. Before I knew it, he was showing me what LCM would look like with the gorgeous artwork of the insanely talented Marisha Lozada. Working with Daniel and Smart Play Games for the past few months has been a real treat, and I think we’ve put together a game that will appeal to both veteran trick-taking game players and those just looking for a fun new card game.

HEIR TO EUROPA is for 2-4 players, ages 10 and up, and plays in about 30 minutes. Please check it out at DriveThruCards. And if you get a chance to try it, please leave some feedback at BoardGameGeek to let others know if you enjoyed it.

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