ferrispiele.com, Activate!

Initiating website initialization... INITIATED.
Website becoming self-aware... CANCELED.
Hundreds of hours spent tweaking lame logo... COMPLETE.
Maximizing awesomeness... 70%... 90%... 120%... 134%... 218%... 218.4%... Awesomeness maximized.
Loading ferrispiele.com... ***CARRIER LOST***.

Welcome to ferrispiele.com, the home of games and (mostly) game-related ramblings by Nick Ferris. Over the coming days, weeks, and millennia, Nick (that’s me) will fill this webplace with all sorts of things that will amuse and/or excite you. From previews of Nick’s own games to discussions and reviews of much better games made by people who know what they’re doing to political rantings about the lack of government funding for board gaming in schools, there will definitely be words and images arranged in a pleasing manner.

In the meantime, be sure to bookmark the site, follow @ferrispiele on Twitter, and add it to your favorite internet reading utility so that you can be alerting when new e-stuffs are made available for i-viewing. Or eye viewing. Your eye viewing. You viewing. U-viewing. Yes, let’s go with that one.

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