All Hands, Brace For Impact!

All Hands, Brace For Impact!

2-13 Players | 5-20 Minutes | Ages 10+

Playtesters: Download the latest Easy-Difficulty Audio Track (v0.5.3) and Medium-Difficulty Audio Track (v0.5.2)

All Hands, Brace For Impact! is an experimental real-time, cooperative space combat, yelling game. Communication and listening are the central mechanics. Players are inexperienced junior officers on a space station that’s the last line of defense against a massive enemy fleet. With the captain and commanders incapacitated, the chain of command is a mess and no one knows who’s in charge! Players must monitor and report status, listening for critical issues and acting fast to shout out orders needed to keep the station running, all while deflecting enemy weapons fire and fighting back. Can the crew keep the station in one piece and fend off the enemy fleet, or will failing life support and hull breaches lead to their tragic defeat?

All Hands is in the late development and playtesting phase, and we’re looking for an extremely limited number of groups to help test tweaks and changes as they’re made. If you are a part of a group willing to participate, please contact Nick and he can provide print-and-play files.

To create the PNP of All Hands, you’ll need:

  • Paper/card stock to print a 16″ x 16″ board (divided into four 8″ x 8″ quarters)
  • Paper and solid-back sleeves for 99 2.5″ x 3.5″ cards
  • Paper and clear sleeves for 27 2.5″ x 3.5″ cards
  • A transparent spinner (like these)
  • A 60-second sand timer
  • Some way of playing the audio tracks (mobile phone, laptop, etc.)
  • Latest Tweetings