Heir to Europa


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2-4 Players | 30 Minutes | Ages 10+

In the year 10,000, the throne of EUROPA sits empty without a clear successor. A series of elegant psychic contests will sway the loyalty of the world’s Factions. Whoever can accurately predict the tide of public opinion will become HEIR TO EUROPA.

HEIR TO EUROPA is a card game that introduces some unique twists to trick-taking and bidding. Suits represent factions aiding the players in their struggle for the Europan throne. As in Spades or Oh Hell, players predict (bid) the number of contests (tricks) they will win by the end of each round. The catch is that, during play, the loyalty of each faction will diminish as more of its cards are played, and some factions may become disloyal, nullifying their chances to win contests. Thus, players must not only examine the relative strength of their cards as they make their predictions, but they’ll also have to analyze the loyalties of each faction’s Representative to determine how many of their cards may potentially win contests. Some cards also possess special abilities, such as trumping or bid-tweaking, which alter the way contests resolve.

Heir to Europa can be learned in 5-10 minutes and provides a refreshing game play experience for those familiar with trick-taking games as well as an easy-to-learn rule set for those brand new to such games. HEIR TO EUROPA features a streamlined version of the gameplay found in Les Cartes Misérables.

Published by Smart Play Games
Designed by Nick Ferris
Art by Marisha Lozada
Graphic Design and Editing by Daniel Solis
Special Thanks To Table Treasure Games, Joshua Buergel, Adam Blinkinsop, Burke Drew, Jennifer Glinzak, Eric Handler, W. David MacKenzie, Tony Miller, Mike Mullins, Mike Reverso, Josh Tempkin, Simon Withers, and Unpub.net

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